About Me

Dunni Omebere-Iyari

Certified Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant

BabyEm, London

My vision for Sleeping Tots was borne out of my personal experience where my mental health and productivity suffered greatly from struggling with my baby's sleep. All of which was restored after I taught him to sleep independently and for 12 straight hours at 7 months old. 

Now, through Sleeping Tots I help secure parents' well-being, one sleeping baby at a time. I do this through a holistic approach that relies purely on baby sleep science. I am passionate about educating and supporting more parents about the science and benefits of independent baby sleep as well as the possibilities of achieving it. This way, parents no longer have to survive parenting but actually have fun with their children because they are all fully rested.


I have a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Economics and International Business respectively, and I am currently in the final year of my PhD. I am a wife to a loving husband and mum to an amazing boy.

My Philosophy

Securing parents' well-being, one sleeping child at a time

Teaching a child to sleep independently (sleep training) is not asking parents to abandon their children when they need them. Rather, it is empowering a child with an important life skill necessary for their development. Sleep training is concerned with helping a child believe in their own ability to go to sleep on their own and self-soothe when they do wake up at night.  ​

Children who get the recommended amount of sleep for their age are more likely to have better attention, memory, behaviour, social skills and a healthy weight. While tantrums are generally considered normal in children, those who get less sleep are more prone to tantrums and other behavioural difficulties

I am passionate about empowering families with scientifically researched, tried and tested techniques that enable parents to set up their little ones for a lifetime of healthy sleeping habits. I take on a holistic approach to sleep training; appreciating from experience that a child's inability to sleep is often symptomatic of several other underlying problems (many of which can be easily corrected). 

Each family and child is unique and I promise to treat each situation uniquely. I will listen to your needs, concerns and values, and incorporate them into a sleep plan that is specially designed for your success.


You don't have to "wait it out" for years, a restful night is on the horizon. Reach out to me today, and let's work together to get your tots sleeping!

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