Ashley Minatee, Mum of 10 Month old Kojo


Dunni is: professional, educated, and supportive. My husband and I were really struggling to get our son to sleep independently. My son was dependent on nursing to sleep and remaining latched to my breast to sleep. I was depleted and in need of eager help. Dunni quickly implemented a sleep plan and provided required support to get my son to sleep independently. Within, 3 days my son is now sleeping 12 hours a night in his crib. He is also taking 3 hours worth of a nap during the day, independently. My son also is not nursing during the night. If you require assistance getting your child to sleep, patronize her services. You certainly will not be in regret. Dunni, thank you!

Ada Okpoyo, Mum of 2-year-old Liam

United States

My family and I had changed locations and the changes had negatively impacted my 22 months old’s sleeping routine. He wanted to either be carried or driven around or slept beside till he fell sleep. I found out about Dunni when a friend tagged me on Sleeping Tot’s Instagram page. Although I was a bit apprehensive (shame on me), I settled on the fully supported consult. The first week of the program was rough, but as we went through the motions, my son began adhering to the routines that we were working to establish. By the end of 2 weeks (and till now, 3 months later), my son goes for a nap at  12pm and 7:30pm for bedtime like ‘clock-work’, without any assistance. We do our night routine and he gets on his bed, by himself and stays in it happily till 6am the next morning


We are so grateful for Dunni's comprehensive sleep program which got him to sleep well. My husband and I are catching up on movies, personal time, work and workouts. 

Ibilola Olowookere, Mum of 9 Month old Promise


It’s no news that your life changes once your little one arrives, and even for me an experienced mother and with my mum’s support, I never knew I could be so stressed. I had expectations of doing so much during my maternity leave but alas, 9months down the line I was nothing close to the start of my dreams. I was frustrated! I was only surviving, and counting days for my baby to grow older in hopes that this will change. I stumbled on Sleeping Tots page and sent an email immediately. The initial consultation revealed that the issues were beyond sleep, eating patterns, weight concerns and all that. In less than 2 weeks of our program, the magic happened, my lil man sleeps all by himself for 12 hours through the night, takes his naps and I have so much time to do all I wanted to do
Thanks to our sleep and baby coach, Dunni!

Diana Adeyemi, Mum of 5-month-old Gavriel


Before engaging Dunni’s services, we were so tired from waking up every 2 hours at night and spending hours trying to put our 4 month old son, Gavie to sleep. He didn’t have any real routine and I was starting to get concerned because I was to resume work soon. My good friend referred Dunni to me and I am so happy I reached out to her. In three days of our program, Gavie started to sleep for 11 hours at night, waking up for a feed after 7-8 hours of straight sleep. Actually, some days, I’ve got to wake him up to feed. His day naps add up to 3-4hrs. He has been sleeping this way for 2 months now


My husband and I now have movie and catch up time after Gavie goes to bed which is nice. Thank you, Dunni

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