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Will My Baby and I Ever Sleep?

Have you searched online for every possible solution to get your crying baby to go to sleep easily and stay asleep all night but nothing seems to work? After days of trial and more frustration;

  • Does your baby still wake up 3, 4, 5 times throughout the night?

  • Will they only go to sleep when they are fed or rocked?  

  • Is your baby fighting naps and bedtime altogether?

  • Is your productivity at work suffering because you aren't getting rest?

  • Is your baby’s sleep issue making it difficult to be intimate with your partner?

If you answered yes to any of these, you're not alone

I know this because, three years ago, I was just like you

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I am going to tell you a story about this picture; the day that saved my life

Like many new mums, I suffered from complete exhaustion, anxiety, and depression (from sleepless nights and figuring out how to be a  mother), all of which were hidden behind a smile. My son was 6 months old, and on this day, just like many others, I began my usual tiring routine of putting him in a carrier and walking around to get him to nap.


Only, on this day, my quick fix method failed. He completely refused to sleep. I walked 19 kilometers and he did not sleep a wink! He would cry so badly if I took him out of the carrier or put him down in his cot. My husband was away, I was alone and had no one else to tap in. I broke


The deep pain of this day was what I needed to turn my situation around. I knew there had to be a better way to help me and my baby sleep. As an academic, I found conviction and a precise solution in baby sleep science. I researched thoroughly and executed consistently, and by the time he was 7-months-old, my baby was sleeping for 12 straight hours at night, plus age-appropriate naps! And he has slept this way for 3 years now. 

His overactive energy has become even-keeled and I am a more productive, rested and happy parent 

I know my problem is not unique because I have now helped hundreds of parents find joy again through my online baby sleep solution.


It is a comprehensive, step-by-step, self-paced digital program that focuses on 8 key pillars of baby sleep; explaining the science of baby sleep and giving you the methods and tools you need to get your baby sleeping through the night

An online baby sleep training solution that will take your baby from multiple night wakings to sleeping through the night, guilt free

What will you benefit from this program?

In less than 14 days of this online solution;

Your baby will sleep for 10-12 hours every night

Your baby will stop waking up multiple times at night


Your baby will go for every sleep independently. You will put him/her in their cot and they will sleep all by themselves

Your baby will take predictable, age-appropriate and full naps

You will have free time to be productive in other ways

Your frustrations with parenting will be dramatically reduced

What Well Rested Parents Say

Ibilola, O. 

Mum of 9 month old

My son slept in our bed since he was born. We engaged the services of Sleeping Tots and now my lil man sleeps 12 hours at night by himself, including naps.I have so much time to do all I've wanted to do

Ada, O.

Mum of 22 month old

My son always slept in our bed and fiddled with my body which annoyed me after a while. But Dunni 's sleep plan gave us our bed and life back. Llliam now sleeps for 11 straight hours at night plus 2 hours of naps.

Diana, A

Mum of 4 month old

I was resuming back to work and knew rocking my son for every sleep will no longer be sustainable. I engaged Dunni (Sleeping Tots) and in less than 3 days, he was sleeping through the night

How Valuable is Your Sleep?

The World Health Organisation in 2019 and world-renowned scientists recommend 11-12 hours of nightly sleep for all children 4 months -5 years old) to enable them to have;

  • Better attention and long-term memory

  • Emotional control

  • Good behavior

  • And do better at school

Studies have also shown that sleep deprivation in adults is responsible for

  • Weight gain and difficulty with weight loss. 

  • Thinking, concentration, and memory problems. 

  • Risk of diabetes, low sex drive

  • Moodiness, anger which may escalate to anxiety and depression

This investment in your family's physical and emotional well-being, although invaluable, costs £300 but you can get it today starting from only £79 (Save £221 today)


What is in this digital sleep solution?

A 120+ minutes self-paced video broken down into easy to watch parts that teaches you:

  • The science of baby sleep and why your baby currently depends so much on you to sleep

  • The 8 pillars for baby sleeping through the night

  • Step-by-step guide on how to sleep train your baby and handle night wakings

  • Adjusting with your baby’s sleep needs as they grows


You will have access to this program for 8 weeks even though the sleep program takes 14 days or less.



  • A comprehensive and customizable sleep plan for all ages 

  • A downloadable full day routine and bedtime routine for all ages

  • VIP access to a closed community of parents

Ready to start sleeping through the night? 

Pay now and immediately access your baby sleep solution for 2 months, unlimited. If you run into any problems, kindly send an email to payment@sleepingtots.com


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